North Thurston High School - 600 Sleater-Kinney Rd NE - Olympia, WA 98506

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2024 / 8:00AM - 3:00PM

Coffee / Donuts / Lunch Included - WIAA Clock Hours / Coaches Social

Clinic Schedule Below (subject to change) // Questions? Email:


Clinic Schedule 2024

You must register for the clinic, online, in advance, to be eligible for WIAA Clock Hours.  WIAA Clock Hours will be available to registered and paid attendees after the final session and after verification of attendance using the directions below on the green flyer. You cannot redeem the clock hours until *after* the clinic. 

William Garrow - Organizer

Our goal in creating the CCFCC was to create a 1-Day Only football clinic that was for WA HS coaches specifically, and used the many great WA HS coaches as the speakers.  When attending big clinics with lots of college coaches, or coaches from states that had drastically different situations than we had in WA we often became frustrated because too much wasn't applicable to the teams we were coaching. So, we just decided to try and create a clinic that we'd want to attend, with speakers who we knew and respected from our own state.

We also wanted something that would be easy to attend, and still get people home for dinner with their families without sacrificing an entire weekend. Our location in Olympia is right off I-5, halfway between Everett and Portland, and the clinic ends by 3:30pm so that anyone making a long drive can get home for dinner. 

Thank you for attending the clinic and supporting it!

North Thurston Booster Club

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The Capital City Football Coaches Clinic is a non-profit fundraiser for the North Thurston High School Booster Club, supporting Athletics and Activities for students at NTHS.